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20 simple lessons I've learnt from 20 whole years of teaching Pilates
20 simple lessons I've learnt from 20 whole years of teaching Pilates aerialpilates chill clearing mindset peace pilates pilates teacher pilateslovers play reviews selflove you Feb 08, 2024

Sharing 20 lessons I've learnt from 20 years of teaching Pilates


I'm gonna keep this blog, short and simple.  20 simple lessons from 20 whole years.

Which 3 do you relate to the most?   Send me an email, I'd love to hear.  


  1. Take more holidays
  2. I’d never work...
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Part 2: Exploring the top Pilates Props! faq pilates pilates props pilates teacher pilatesforaerialists pilateslovers play reviews Feb 07, 2024

Part 2!  

Exploring the Top Pilates Props

{If you haven't read part 1, go check that out first}


In the last blog, part 1, we went back to where it all originated with Joseph Pilates.  His development of Contrology and inventing apparatus to support and continue his clients...

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Feedback from professional Aerialist - Sarah from Paperdoll Militia aerial aerialarts aerialists pilatesforaerialists reviews Feb 18, 2022
Feedback from Sarah Holmes, Co-Artistic Director of Paper Doll Militia
"As a physical performer, I’m often aware of niggles, where I’m tight, where I’m weak. And though I have years of experience with working with my own body, sometimes in order for me...
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