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Feedback from Sarah Holmes, Co-Artistic Director of Paper Doll Militia
"As a physical performer, I’m often aware of niggles, where I’m tight, where I’m weak. And though I have years of experience with working with my own body, sometimes in order for me to be at my best that is not enough.
Just like a theatre performer needs the outside eye of a director, a mover/dancer/circus performer needs the guidance of someone who has the unique ability of seeing our body from the outside. Whenever I am feeling a bit stuck, or weak or out of balance I seek out the awesome and insightful guidance of Debbie Robbins of air control pilates. She is able to provide me with specific exercises to help me access what I need to “Find home” as she so lovingly calls it.
Debbie is insightful and encouraging. She offers a challenge, seriously I had a lesson with her once that felt harder than my hardest circus moves and I was just lying on the floor! But also Dbbie teaches you how to let go, release what is not serving you. Again circus performers often “stretch” out but there’s something valuable about releasing in order to find balance."
Sarah Holmes
Co-Artistic Director
Paper Doll Militia
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