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What you'll get:

  • Access to our syllabus content, including downloadable worksheets, syllabus videos, and teaching videos
  • Safe Rigging practise education by qualified rigger
  • Aerial Pilates classes for your own training, learning, inspiration, and support¬†
  • An interactive anatomy application with 3D models to enhance your understanding
  • Join our vibrant community for support, love, and connection in the Air!

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Air Control Pilates¬ģ¬†Aerial Pilates Teacher Training¬†¬†

This course covers 10 Units, covering; 

  • Safe Practice of¬†Aerial Pilates/rigging awareness
  • Introduction to Anatomy
  • Pilates History
  • Circus history & its intertwining with Pilates
  • Pilates Fundamentals and principles
  • Includes full Air Control Pilates syllabus - video and worksheets
  • Planning to teach¬†
  • Practice teaching, tips, cues & spotting
  • Managing & marketing your sessions
  • Final assessment¬†

Additional Benefits:

  • Connect with other teachers and network professionally around the world!
  • Once you become a qualified Air Teacher you can the join the 'Air Artists'
  • Air Control Pilates syllabus videos & worksheets¬†
  • Professional mentoring¬†specific feedback for you

Our course is professionally endorsed by Active iQ

Find your middle ground with Aerial Pilates Teacher Training

If you're a Pilates instructor, lover or an aerialist looking to expand your own skills and/or to offer something unique to clients, now is the right time to discover Air Control Pilates¬ģ¬†

Teaching aerial pilates can give your career, studio and yourself a refreshing boost.

Here's why instructor training is an excellent investment! 

Stand Out from the Competition  Aerial pilates is still relatively new and exotic compared to traditional mat pilates. Getting certified enables you to offer classes your competitors don't have, giving you a marketable edge. The novelty factor can attract new clientele.

Broaden Your Client Base   Combining the freedom of Aerial with the precise nature of Pilates is what appeals to a wide range of students from athletic focused to seniors. Aerial training expands the range of clients you can work with. It's also great for retaining students by adding new classes.

Increase Your Earning Potential As a specialised workout, Aerial Pilates classes, workshops and private training can lead to additional revenue and a significant boost in your income and profit margins for your studio.

Gain a New Skillset with the Air Control Pilates¬ģ aerial pilates technique. ¬†By immersing yourself in this unique approach, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the Pilates principles while exploring the world of aerial movement. Discover the "why" behind each movement, without the need for drops, wraps, and tricks found in aerial arts. As a result, you'll emerge as a more well-rounded, safer and versatile instructor.

Enjoy Teaching Again Learning something new reinvigorates passion for teaching. The excitement you'll share with students trying aerial for the first time is contagious!

Take advantage of the high demand for Aerial Pilates expertise and broaden your knowledge, draw new students in and watch your career and life move with more ease and flow!

Start your journey now!

Here's what you'll get:

Unlimited access to our comprehensive online platform, offering a wealth of valuable resources.

  • Dive into the full syllabus content, complete with downloadable worksheets, syllabus videos, and teaching videos.
  • Enhance your skills with Aerial Pilates classes, find inspiration, and receive ongoing support.
  • Our platform also provides teaching cues, tips for lesson planning, and information on practicing to teach effectively.
  • Additionally, you'll have access to an incredible anatomy application, featuring interactive 3D models
  • Includes safety information with rigging awareness and guidance on selecting the right aerial equipment by a professional rigger

Join our vibrant community and experience the love and support that awaits you in the Air! 

Download FREE guide to add value to your studio

Download FREE guide

Choose your course option 

Self Directed Aerial Pilates Teacher Training

Most Popular

  • Join from anywhere in the world
  • Go at your own pace, in privacy
  • Submit video footage for assessment to become a qualified Air teacher & Artist (additional cost)
  • Includes all 10 units of the full teacher training course

Live & Online Aerial Pilates Teacher Training

Live & online interactive

  • Live international group online meetings via zoom
  • Connect and network with other teachers, professionally, around the world!
  • Professional mentoring live on the spot 
  • Receive feedback and online coaching during your course
  • Includes all 10 units of the full teacher training course

In Person Aerial Pilates Teacher Training

Experience Aerial Pilates in the beautiful studios in Scotland, U.K.

  • In-Person Aerial Pilates Teacher Training in the beautiful seaside studios in the East Neuk, Scotland
  • Get the whole experience and meet and connect with other like minded souls!
  • In-person feedback, cues, mentoring, top tips and real time confidence building 
  • Connect, laugh, grow and experience Air HUGS!
  • Includes all 10 units of the full teacher training course

Multiple Instructor and Studio Aerial Pilates Teacher Training

Great for Pilates, Aerial & Yoga Studios!

  • Build, grow and nurture your studios community
  • Join from anywhere in the world.  Each instructor will have access to a unique account
  • Streamline your studios teaching quality
  • Smooth & easy running of your studio through consistent & high level experience for clients
  • Be at the forefront of knowledge and teachings!
  • PLUS includes Hammock Meditation course for ALL instructors 
  • Includes all 10 units of the full Aerial Pilates teacher training course



Private Aerial Pilates Teacher Training

Live & in person interactive

  • Live in-person, international group or Private - I will fly to you!
  • You choose - You say who you say when, you say where.  Anywhere around the world!
  • Professional mentoring live on the spot 
  • Receive exclusive private and specific feedback and personal development
  • Exclusive attention and an incredible experience
  • Includes all 10 units of the full teacher training course