Meet the creator

Debbie Robbins is the creator of Air Control Pilates®. She is based in Scotland and has practised as an aerialist for 13 years and a Pilates teacher for over 18 years.

Debbie invites you to join us to "Breathe air into your movement."


Debbie's Story

Founder and Artistic Director of Air Control Pilates ® 

I’ve taught Pilates since 2003. I’m a professional aerial artist and have trained since 2008.  As artistic Director of A Blank Canvas, I toured a personal show In Her Shadows’ which was an aerial dance show with projections, across Scotland in 2015 as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival

Combining these passions together, I naturally started to create a syllabus.  I’m excited to share my love of aerial arts with the Pilates method with you and proud to be running education to teachers all over the world!


Debbie's Training & Development

  • 2006 - Present Pilates mentoring & privates with Chris Blagdon of ‘Edinburgh Pilates Centre’
  • 2019 Private session with Carrie Russo (USA)
  • 2019 ‘What is the Goal?’ & ‘Pilates in Detail’ workshops with Carrie Russo
  • 2019 Pilates Workshop with Basi teacher trainer CJKelly
  • 2018 Pilates Festival & Pilates Gathering, Scotland
  • 2017 Student for 1:1 examinations with Lolita San Miguel
  • 2017 Lolita Legacy day at Balans Pilates with Lolita San Miguel
  • 2017 First Aid at Work
  • 2017 Pilates Gathering & Pilates Festival, Scotland
  • Advanced Level 3, Register of Exercise Professionals -REPS
  • 2016 Pelvic floor workshop with Cameron Angus
  • 2015 Education Award of Teaching – Active IQ
  • 2015 Clever guy of the pelvis psoas workshop with Cameron Angus
  • 2014 Aerial apprenticeship (skills and technique) with Paperdoll Militia
  • 2014 Body Control – Ante and postnatal Pilates course with Lynne Robinson
  • 2014 Body Control – Connecting the Shoulders course with Michael Fritzke & Ton Voogt.
  • 2014 Body Control – Connecting the Legs course with Michael Fritzke & Ton Voogt
  • 2014 First Aid at Work
  • 2013 International Aerial Masterclass week with Fred Deb & Jacques Bertrand in France
  • 2008 Started Aerial arts training (See below)
  • 2006 - 2007 Dance Artist HNC, Edinburgh College
  • 2006 - 2008 Workshops with Pilates Institute ‘Embracing the Differences’ with Michael Fritzke & Ton Voogt, Michael King and Kathy Corey
  • 2005 Reiki-Second Degree, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • 2005 Pilates Therapy equipment course, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • 2004 Reiki-First Degree, Bangkok, Thailand
  • 2004 Thai Massage, Chang Mai, Thailand
  • 2004 34 hours of intensive 1:1 Pilates with Physiotherapist
  • 2004 ‘STOTT PILATES’ training- Stability Ball
  • 2004 ‘STOTT PILATES’ Training- Flexband
  • 2004 ‘STOTT PILATES’ Training- Foam Roller
  • 2003 Original Matwork course ‘Pilates Etc’ Queensland, Australia
  • 2002 Fitness Queensland Accreditation, Australia
  • 2000 VicFit Accreditation, Australia
  • 1999 Diploma ‘Fitness, Health and Exercise’, Edinburgh’s Telford College.

Aerial Training

Debbie started aerial training in 2008, since then she’s trained with:


In Her Shadows      

In Her Shadows was a dance-mindscape piece, featuring aerial and physical theatre and supported by stunning visual projections and haunting music.   Toured across Scotland as part of the ‘Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival’ & DanceLive in October 2015.

In Her Shadows gained a lot of media attention during their tour including a visit from the duke and duchess of Cambridge.  This included coverage from;

Hello Magazine, US Hello, BBC, ITV, STV news, Evening Times, The Scotsman & more

In Her Shadows Team

  • Co-creator & Performers:  Debbie Robbins & Rachael Macintyre
  • Director:  Cora Bissett
  • Visual Artist:  Robbie Thompson
  • Lighting Designer:   Simon Wilkinson
  • Rigger:  Imogen Michel
  • Composer:  Ewan Macintyre
  • Dance consultant:  Ethelinda Lashley
  • Aerial consultant:  Fred Deb
  • Production Manager:  John Wilkie
  • Technical Lighting on tour:  Andrew Green
  • Photographer:  daniel lacasta fitzsimmons
  • Filmographer:  Ray Bird
  • Scottish Poet:  'Today' written & spoken by Jenny Lindsay

“The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have shown their support for an innovative Scottish festival which is challenging preconceived ideas about mental health during a visit to Dundee.

The Cambridges met the staff and crew behind a moving and thought-provoking piece, In Her Shadows, a visual performance that explores a young woman’s relationship with her depression – and highlights the stigmas surrounding the illness.”


2 Aerial Artists on performing with Silks

Miss.Fit Sisters Vintage Circus  - Triples Trapeze

Our triples trapeze finale piece at the end of the Miss.Fit Sisters Vintage Circus during Edinburgh Festival in 2014. Featuring live music from The Bevvy Sisters.