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Aerial Pilates & Pilates Matwork Online Subscription 

What you get:

  • x 16 LIVE classes a month!
  • x 2 Pilates matwork classes week - plus a full library to access anytime, anywhere
  • x 2 Aerial Pilates classes a week - plus access to replays
  • A community area full of challenges, support and a great place to make connections with people just like you around the globe!   

Based in the east Neuk of Fife, Scotland.  I teach our classes and courses online all around the world. 

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Ethalinda and Becky are suspended in the aerial hammock in a side pose.

Who are the classes suitable for?

In the Online Pilates matwork classes you will have access to a whole library of options to suit your level, plus access to replays of the Aerial Pilates sessions

Debbie always encourages you to listen to your body, gives options in the sessions and empowers you to make the best choice for you, on that day!  

There is also a section specifically for aerialists - these sessions are to focus on exactly what is ideal for aerial training.

These classes are not suitable for specific rehabilitation or injuries that need individual attention. Please consult with your physiotherapist, osteopath, doctor or physician for specific advice and attention to ensure you look after yourself and your own needs.

You will need
A safe aerial hammock set up for the aerial classes.  A good internet connection and a computer/iPad or mobile to join us.  Wear clothes you can move comfortably in, in a space you can move freely in.

Prefer in-person to online?

There is something magical and unique about being in the room together and learning hands on. 

  • Get the whole experience and meet and connect with other like minded souls!
  • In-person feedback, cues, mentoring, top tips and real time confidence building 
  • Connect, laugh, grow and experience Air HUGS!
  • Includes access to online course content and platform which is structured in 10 different units

This will be in the beautiful boutique studios by the seaside in East Neuk, Fife, Scotland.  You can also arrange unique courses at your own studio and I'll fly over!  Get in touch.

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Debbie guides Ethalinda into position on the hammock

Feel drawn to join us for teacher training?

There are different ways to join our teacher training course

You can choose to do the course as self-directed studies in your own time and pace, or join a live, interactive group with participants all around the world!

Finally, we have live, in-person classes at our studio in Scotland!

The choice is yours...

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