Hello,  I’m Debbie,  founder and artistic director of Air Control Pilates.

I’ve taught Pilates for 17 years and trained as an aerialist for 12 years, I also have a background in dance.   Read more about me.

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We are so excited to share the launch of our


These are online courses for Pilates enthusiasts, teachers, movers or aerialists.


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Intrigued to know more about Aerial Pilates?

It takes you to another world!

Our course is for qualified Pilates teachers,

learning to use the aerial hammock

as a prop for the Pilates method,

we’d love you to join us.

Aerial Pilates involves practising Pilates exercises in the air by suspending the body, or parts of the body in an aerial hammock. The hammock is suspended close to the ground at the height of the hips to the knees.   Beginners practising aerial Pilates start by practising exercises on the floor with the assistance of the Pilates hammock, then gradually advance to exercises that require full body suspension.

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Pilates is a method of exercise and physical movement designed by Joseph Pilates to stretch, strengthen, and balance the body.
A systematic practice of specific exercises coupled with focused breathing patterns.

Joseph H. Pilates
Born: 9 December 1883
Died: 9 October 1967

Read More about Joseph Pilates

Upcoming Teacher Trainings


We are very pleased to be able to offer our students and the wider Edinburgh Community an opportunity in gaining these skills. We are also very interested in developing an accredited qualification in Aerial.

PASS is very happy to welcome a relationship with Debbie Robbins as we feel that this will be responding to the changing climate of training in the performance arena. Aerial Arts is becoming a recognised pathway of performance, and we hope to promote, encourage and support this type of training, in order to align ourselves with a current performance trend.

Ethelinda Lashley, Performing Arts Studio Scotland

We are very excited to be one of the first studios in Scotland to be offering Air Control Pilates.

We have had an amazing response to aerial Pilates being added to our time-table, so much so, that 4 of our brand new classes sold out within 48 hours!!

Kelly McMahon, Inspire Fit - Dunfermline

“I personally think that Aerial pilates is more experimental than mat pilates. It requires a much more present, intuitive, sensitive, subconscious and complex approach, which is what I need when I’m in the pool.

Aerial Pilates simulates movements in the pool, it even exaggerates it as we experience less gravity in the pool. Simulating stroke movements on the hammock requires a lot of strength and body awareness that are very relevant to actual swimming! It is also very fun just to play around with the hammock.

Debbie is very positive and cheerful and articulates movement well. She also has an acute sense of body awareness as she has a background of aerial performances. She makes pilates personal and a very productive tool for my swim performances as she tries to creatively link the two realms together. “

Yvette Kong, Olympic Swimmer

This has been the best most fun course I have been on ever!

Loved it!

Loved the teachers, can’t wait for level 2!

Suzy Cheong, Studio Owner

Debbie is Outstanding

Lee Lappin, Artistic Director, Scottish School of Contemporary Dance

Looking forward to teaching clients aerial Pilates.

A new and exciting add on for the Pilates industry, Thank You!

Sabrina Simpson, 2nd Generation Pilates teacher

By far one of the best courses I have been on in a long time.

I learnt so much and so glad I decided to do the course.

It has opened up so many doors and I have also had my first taste of the aerial world!

Beth Brougham, Owner, Infinity Pilates Newcastle, England

Absolutely loved this course;  very professional but very friendly and approachable.  The structure was set out logically and in a wall that made you excited about aerial pilates and teaching it.  I totally feel equipped and ready to spread the aerial Pilates love!

Loved how in depth some aspects of the exercises with especially in relation to myself as an individual – I have seriously never learn so much about myself physically in 4 days!  All my tendencies and habits have come together in a more cohesive understanding of my body.  This is MASSIVE thanks to both Debbie & Tonde and their vast amount of knowledge and fun!  Thank you!

Grace Sellwood, International aerial harness dancer & Pilates teacher

This is an excellent course, Debbie is extremely thorough in her instruction and very enthusiastic and encouraging.  There is a sense of learning together throughout all the challenges of this rigorous (riggerous !!) training.

Thank You so much

Alison Gray, Pilates teacher and course participant

The course was very balanced, very clear and rich.  The instructor was very supportive, very flexible and knowledgable….was extremely happy to attend!

Christine Matar, Course participant from Lebannon


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