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What we offer

Online, self-directed, interactive and in-person; 

  • Aerial Pilates Teacher Trainings
  • Hammock Meditation Course
  • Pilates Matwork library subscription including LIVE classes with Debbie
  • Safe set up of aerial hammock course
  • Anatomy course

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Who we welcome 

✔️ Studio owners 
✔️ Pilates
Movement professionals
Circus performers/acrobats
Aerial Pilates/Yoga Enthusiasts
 ✔️ Lecturers in education 


Learn from

Professional Aerialist and Pilates teacher, Debbie Robbins with nearly 20 years of experience and passion. Our Aerial Pilates course is professionally endorsed by Active IQ and includes a rigging awareness workshop with a qualified rigger. Our Anatomy includes 3D interactive models for an incredible, fun way to learn!


Join Debbie and a global network of Air teachers and students around the world!

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Featured Courses

Introduction to Aerial Pilates


Foundation Knowledge

  • Learn in your own time, from anywhere in the world!
  • Ideal if you're wondering about doing the full course
  • If you're already teaching & want to move from teacher to pro!
  • Includes the first 4 units of the full Teacher Training course
  • Upgrade to the full teacher training course at a discounted rate
  • Personal development.

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Self Directed Aerial Pilates Teacher Training


Most Popular

  • Learn at your own pace & privacy
  • Learn from anywhere in the world!
  • Submit video footage for assessment to become a qualified Air teacher & Artist
  • Full Air Control Pilates Teacher Training course (8 units)
  • Bonus Air Control Pilates syllabus videos & worksheets
  • Rigging Awareness Workshop with a professional rigger - specific to Air Control Pilates.

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Live & Online Aerial Pilates Teacher Training


Live & Online interactive

  • Live international group online meetings via zoom
  • Connect with other teachers and network professionally around the world!
  • Submit video footage for assessment to become a qualified Air Teacher & Air Artist
  • Full Air Control Pilates Teacher Training course  (8 units)
  • Bonus Air Control Pilates syllabus videos & worksheets 
  • Rigging Awareness Workshop with a professional rigger - specific for Air Control Pilates
  • Professional mentoring live on the spot 
  • Get feedback and online coaching during your course.

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We've created Air School for you to take your Pilates & Aerial journey to another dimension!

A collection of online courses developed by an Aerialist & Pilates teacher. Air Control Pilates® is for Pilates teachers, aerialists, and enthusiasts! 

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Safe Practice of Aerial Pilates

Aerial Rigging is potentially dangerous - Are you safe?  

This course is a MUST for anyone practising Aerial Pilates or working with an aerial hammock

Without professional guidance from a qualified rigger NEVER: 

  • Swing your hammock over a random beam you do not know detailed information about
  • Use equipment which is not suitable - For example: Daisy chains
  • Tie your hammock from a tree branch
  • Hang up your hammock like a piece of gym equipment  (e.g. a chin-up bar)
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Interactive Anatomy Tools 


Introduction to Anatomy 

We will look at the muscular system and the skeletal system.   We use interactive 3D models.  Includes simple structure to make learning about applying Anatomy whilst moving and teaching so it's realistic, understandable and fun! 

Introduction to Anatomy Course

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This online educational program focuses on the development and creativity for the Pilates teacher and aerialist.  Learn the essential theory behind aerial Pilates work, be inspired and increase your safety knowledge

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