They said WHAT about my Aerial Pilates?

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 they said WHAT about Air Control Pilates?

Hey there,

You've heard me go on about Aerial Pilates before—I mean, I could rave about it until I'm blue in the face. But you know what's even better than me rambling on? Hearing straight from the horses' mouths.

That's right – the lovely folks who've actually bent, stretched, and tipped themselves upside down on their way through Air Control Pilates Teacher trainings or classes have a thing or two to say....


"I feel like Pilates is a MUST, for Aerialists, and anyone who wants to understand their bodies and movement more.  Debbie's energy is infectious and she is so open and adaptable in what she offers"  Ashley - Aerialist 


"Finding air control Pilates (Debbie) has been a total game changer. I have gained so much: her knowledge and enthusiasm, to combine aerial and Pilates makes total sense when doing these 2 disciplines - they go hand in hand. So grateful to her and highly recommend!"

Anne-Marie, Pilates Teacher, USA


"I did the in-person course it is hands down the best course I have ever done and as a yoga teacher of many years, I've taken a lot of post qualification training. You will not only learn to teach air control pilates, you'll learn so so much about the quirks of your own body. Absolutely outstanding course"  

Kirsty Stewart, Yoga Teacher


"Today was my second session with Debbie, the first one blew me away. I don't know what I was expecting but it wasn't what I got!
I really love pilates, it gives me an escape and a time for me. Pilates in the hammock is a whole other level. The silks hold you, in almost what is like a second skin, you feel complete support but I don't mean just physically, the mental release I experienced was so powerful, I actually properly had a wee cry! Completely embarrassed by this 'moment' I was having, but Debbie is such a beautiful soul it didn't matter and actually made me feel a much greater connection with the hammock. This is all sounding a bit cheesy, but it gives a very peaceful state of mind.

Our second session brought something different; creating challenges the mat can't give you and with Debbie leading you through the different ways to move with the hammock it brings an amazing addition to any matwork practice. Can't wait for my next session!"

Laura Wardrop, Pilates Teacher, UK


"I have been attending online pilates matwork classes for aerialists with Debbie for a few years now and can honestly say that it has changed my life. My awareness of my body is improving all the time and I no longer have to see a chiropractor about back pain. Learning to engage the right muscles, and how to relax them has made such a difference and I feel lighter in my mood to match the balance I am finding within myself. It's a journey and a process but feels incredible learning from a tutor who is so enthusiastic, knowledgeable and lovely. Thanks Debbie.

I recently completed my Teacher Training Stage One with Debbie and am a proud air control artist. The course is well structured with such a vast library of resources and learning. Having modules in safety and rigging, in addition to muscular and skeletal systems really make this course stand out as a training. I enjoyed being part of a group to teacher with other artists around the world and to connect with them. I found that Debbie worked with me and really listened. I feel like she supports my learning even now I have graduated."

 Amy Crawley-Wise - Aerialist, UK


"You are absolutely the best teacher, you create such a safe and nurturing space to learn and you're also hilarious which for me, is the perfect combination to learn"

Kirsty Stewart, Yoga Teacher


"Debbie's teaching method is so welcoming and her knowledge of Pilates and the human body is incredible. Within months of her classes I felt more aware of my body and how to carry myself which, in turn, made me feel healthier and more confident in myself. As well as mat work I have attended several aerial Pilates classes which I highly recommend! Under Debbie's tutelage in aerial I learned to push myself outwith my comfort zone and trust what my body could do in a safe and fun way."

Kat Gollock, Participant, UK


"Without a doubt the best bodywork teacher I've ever worked with. Debbie's knowledge, not just of the physical body, but the connection between our emotions and posture are phenomenal. I always learn something new in her classes and have learned a lot more about myself through her teaching as well. She's so warm and welcoming whether you're brand new to Pilates or been practicing for decades. I can't recommend Air Control highly enough and now, more than ever, we all need this!"

Jade Allan, Yoga Teacher


"Finding air control Pilates (Debbie) has been a total game changer. I have gained so much through her online classes: her knowledge and enthusiasm, to combine aerial and Pilates makes total sense when doing these 2 disciplines-they go hand in hand. So grateful to her and highly recommend!"

Kellie Ben, Aerialist 


"I started Pilates with Debbie a few years ago & have to say it’s been trans-formative.
She is a great teacher with oodles of knowledge about the body & how it works. Explaining very clearly how to do each exercise & giving us different levels to work with according your abilities. Always reminding us to listen to our own bodies first.
The online classes are good as I can fit it in when I have the time, though I do still love the live classes.
She’s the voice in my head encouraging me to keep at it & I recommend her to anyone looking to try Pilates or expand their practice.
Thanks Debbie"

Mairi Brown, participant, UK


Whether you're after a zen-like calm, looking to touch your toes without groaning, or simply curious about what the fuss is all about – it sounds like Air Control Pilates might just be your golden ticket.

So, how about you? Ready to join the flight to inner bliss.   Don't take my word for it—give it a go, and let's see what you'll be saying about Air Control Pilates...


Fly to '5 Stars' with me?



P.S. I'm not responsible for any newfound Aerial Pilates obsessions, but I'm totally here for it if you catch the bug.

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