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Introduction to Aerial Pilates


Foundation knowledge

  • Learn at your own pace, from anywhere in the world!
  • Ideal if you're wondering about doing the full course
  • You're already teaching & want to move to pro!
  • Includes the first 4 units of the full Teacher Training course
  • Upgradeable to the full teacher training course at a discounted rate
  • Personal development & time for you

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Self directed Aerial Pilates Teacher Training


Most Popular

  • Go at your own pace, in privacy
  • Join from anywhere in the world. 
  • Submit video footage for assessment, to become a qualified Air teacher & Artist
  • Includes the full 8 units of the full Air Control Pilates Teacher Training course
  • Bonus Air Control Pilates syllabus videos & worksheets
  • Includes Rigging awareness workshop with a professional rigger - specific for Air Control Pilates 

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Live & online Aerial Pilates Teacher Training


Live & Online interactive

  • Live international group online meetings via zoom
  • Connect and network with other teachers, professionally, around the world!
  • Submit video footage for assessment to become a qualified Air Teacher & Air Artist
  • Includes the full 8 units of the Air Control Pilates Teacher Training course 
  • Bonus Air Control Pilates syllabus videos & worksheets 
  • Includes Rigging Awareness workshop with a professional rigger - specific for Air Control Pilates
  • Professional mentoring live on the spot 
  • Receive feedback and online coaching during your course.

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Pilates Matwork Online Library Subscription

With Debbie Robbins

From complete beginners who want to discover the benefits of Pilates to instructors looking for inspiration for future classes, ‘Pilates Matwork with Debbie Robbins’ is the perfect way to welcome the infectious energy of Debbie & Pilates into your own home!

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Circus History & its intertwining with Pilates

Written by Julianna Hane

A fascinating insight into circus history.  Here's what we'll cover.

  • Brief history of circus
  • Physical culture
  • Ethos of circus
  • The traditional circus
  • Cirque Nouveau
  • Contemporary circus
  • Joseph Pilates and circus
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Safe Practice of Aerial Pilates 

Written by Mark Gibson

An essential course to learn about safe practice of Aerial Pilates. Roles, responsibilities and legal requirements within Aerial Pilates. 

*Please note:  This is a rigging awareness module and will not qualify you to rig or be a rigger

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Introduction to Anatomy

Written by Suzy Cheong

This course is for anyone intrigued about Anatomy and their own body.  It's a fascinating exploration for anyone who wants to learn, progress or refresh their knowledge about their own body or to help teach or understand others!  

Includes anatomical interactive 3D animations

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Wings Tool kit:
Living Your True Potential

Here's what we'll cover:

  • What's holding you back? 
  • Understanding our own obstacles 
  • Creating a tool kit for leaning into our obstacles so we can soar and take flight
  • Living our life to our truest potential!
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Debbie in the hammock

Hammock Meditation Course

Guided by Rumbie Musunhe

This Meditation, Movement & Release course is designed for anyone interested in adding meditation to their practice, skills and teachings.

It uses the aerial hammock apparatus to guide you through beautiful relaxation techniques to enhance your whole being


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