Tired of old patterns & holding your self back?

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Ok, I'll go first....

Maybe you can relate?

I have always felt like 'something' was holding me back. I used to run away from it, thinking that was totally the best way to deal with it and 'move on'  Pretend it wasn't there and give it no attention. Change my direction thinking if I didn't 'see it' or acknowledge it it would disappear.  And it did work at the start.......sometimes....in a way...kinda....  

But not 

Eventually, of course, it caught up with me and the wave of anxiety was so much that I knew I needed to seek help for whatever was happening to me.  Anxiety can feel like such an enormous wave, not 'just' an emotion, it feels like an enormity of an emotion! That takes over and becomes all encompassing...

Do you ever feel like that? 

Visually it's like having the palm of your hand in the middle of your face preventing clear vision.... a bit of an obstacle for sure!  Or physically it can feel like your heart is racing so fast and your mind is racing with it where it's impossible to have any kind of calm or stillness. It's not nice.  

It is a big fat obstacle that is in the friggin way of living our best life! 


What is a mental obstacle?

"Something that blocks you so that movement, going forward,

or action is prevented or made more difficult".


I like to find solutions, make shifts and changes,

I like to grow and learn so I don't stay in my own troubles and struggles.

I like to feel empowered... it frees me

It makes me feel better...


The height of my own anxiety's, which I didn't understand, was 23 years, now 20 years later I'm still learning and growing with awareness, solutions, breakthroughs and what I love in that, is that in sharing my vulnerability's it gives other people their own true sense of self, their journey and the potential to connect. For this, I'm very grateful for my pathway, it's truly my purpose.  My dream and what brings me fulfilment is to empower and influence YOU through both physicality and open mindset thinking.

It's this, that has led to me feeling a strong draw towards empowering others.  Sharing what I have learned so others (maybe you) don't have to struggle anymore either...

Cause I know, personally the every affect it has.  I've lived experience of how anxiety, patterns and mindset can put so many difficult experiences on our path.

I also now know, it doesn't have to be this way 

You can shift this

I made a toolkit as part of a bonus that comes with our Aerial Pilates Teacher Training course to try to support any challenges for us as teachers and also to support clients  - it's called a 'Wings Toolkit', plus you also get access to my personal Aerial dance show - 'In Her Shadows' which I toured as part of the SMHAFF - Scottish Mental health Arts & Film Festival.  

I've poured my life's work into the Aerial Pilates lessons and structure, whether it's just for Aerial Pilates Subscription of classes or the Aerial Pilates Teacher Training. It's truly the coming together of artistry, and the incredible influence of the Pilates method using this second skin with the aerial hammock.  It holds you, supports you and challenges you, when you need it most. 

In the toolkit, you'll gain clarity and understanding of what's holding you back.  Creating a tool kit for leaning into resistances and reaching your true potential!  That would be good right?  and a toolkit where you can choose what ways best suit you gives you choices that you know will work best for you.  You know you.  You do you best!  You get to put together tools and ideas that you'll use to step by step empower you to make shifts at your own pace. 

When you're ready, you'll ask


Air Hugs




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