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Just keep swimming 🐬🐠🏊🏽‍♀️

Today, March 23rd 2023, as part of 'Marchmatness' which is a fabulous celebration of the Pilates Matwork exercises for the Pilates community, created by 360 Pilates Online - Benjamin Degenhardt  

I was posting on social media with our version of 'Swimming' using the aerial hammock, it's similar to matwork but with a floating mat in the air.   I do love it so much .... this particular exercise much more than the matwork version and it got me thinking as to WHY and it would be good to explain it in more depth to YOU.... so here goes!

Firstly, the hammock feels supportive, it holds you in the air, with a feeling of space and freedom yet it connects with you.   That is powerful, in a physical and emotional way.  You become part of the hammock and the hammock an extension of you, with this intuitive relationship it naturally gives feedback in a loving way! ❤️ your self awareness increases in a very nurturing and reassuring way....  all of this... but the best part is it's FUN!   It's just fun!   How often do you do that?  😍


So lets talk about Play and being playful....

‘Play’ is different from ‘game’. Play is the free spirit of exploration doing and being for its own pure joy,  play is an attitude, a spirit, a way of doing things.

“Full-blown artistic creativity takes place when atrained and skilled grown-up is able to tap the source of clear unbroken play-consciousness of the small child within.  This consciousness has a particular feel and flow we instinctively recognise. It is “like tossing a ball on swift-flowing water: moment to moment, non-stop flow. ”

"A girl riding her bike, discovers that the secret of effortless control is balance - continuous adjustment of continuous change. When she reaches the point of shouting “Look Ma, no hands!” she has learned that she can use less and less means to control greater and greater power. She has learned to encounter and consciously play with rhythm, timing, weight, balance geometry, right and left handed coordination. She does this by herself, from her own body. The emotions attendant on such a discovery are fear, delight, pride ,disbelief, elation, and a desire to try again and again.”

Quoted from the book “Free Play: Improvisation in life and art” by Stephen Nachmanovitch


The Aerial hammock can open up a whole new world for you 🥰🌏 Yet also completely connected to your world now …

Just keep Swimming…🐬🏊🏽‍♀️

If you'd like to learn and see more you can gain 7 days ACCESS to our online course content for Aerial Pilates & using the hammock 💗

Ending soon, limited places!

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