Self-Care or Aerial Sabotage?

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When is it time to cling like a koala and when to drop like a hot potato?


Hey there aerialist friend,

You know that freeing moment, when you're beating and swinging high above the ground.  Holding on your grip, your forearms, your jaw,  your centre, your focus....your everything!


it's not till later..... maybe even your rest day that your entire body screams at you, roaring like the crowd around, stop, rest, release..... please.

Yeah but no but.....

Why is it so hard to do such a simple thing?!    (My hands are in the air for this one!  I so didn't rest enough)


We've all been there, haven't we? That razor's edge where the decision to grip tighter or release can change the entire performance... or heck, even your life trajectory.   We have a familiar conversation about whether to hold on for dear life or just let go, trusting the strength of your skills to catch you.  (Or someone else!)


Tell me, what was the bravest decision you've ever made? Was it to clasp onto something with all your strength? Or was it the moment you decided to release and embrace the free fall experience, physically or mentally .... only to land softly on your feet like a ninja cat? 

I really wanna know.  Email me, & tell me your story.  


P.S. You're probably putting your body through the wringer with all those defying feats, aren't you? Well, I've whipped up a little self-care treat for you. It's a PDF packed with tips that'll pamper your acrobat self.
Jump over to my profile page or swing by my website, and it's yours to snatch up.

Fly high and land softly,

I'm here for it all,



[email protected]

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