January Flow 2022 - Week 2: Our Desires

Jan 10, 2022

Our Desires


January Flow 2022 - Week 2:  Our Desires...

If you could be, do and have anything....

Fun, excitement, growth, learning, adventure, living life to its fullest, playful, joy, abundance, free spirit, what gets your heart pulsing, what makes you feel free & alive.

Let your mind wander, go with the flow and have fun with it! 

Here's some words to inspire your week into flow state


Ebbs & flows 

Your path grows

Watching it move

with downstream thoughts...


Tuned in, tapped on, flowing fast, 

nothing ever really lasts 

Change is good

It's brings about, 

an unfolding of our paths 


All lined up and becoming 

Realising your truly summoning 

The universe is listening to you 

Magic happens, yes it's true


Ask and believe 

Vibrate & know 

Momentum grows 

Watch it glow


Love your journey 

Live in the now,

Breathe free & easy  

Do it now...


Feel what's coming 

& believe

Go with the flow 

Be open to receive


Forgive yourself 

For all that's been 

A grateful mind 

Is human kind


Remember this 

Magic is real

The love in your heart 

Has the power to heal


Ebbs & Flows 

Your path explored...

Faith & love

Is yours - your adored!




Go have a fabulous flowing day! 

From my heart to yours, with ease

Air Hugs



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