Is it the Right Time for an Aerial Pilates Course? 10 Key Questions

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How do you know if it's the right time?

Is this Aerial Pilates training

the next course for you...

Aerial Pilates

Ooooh exciting!


there's this one thing...

There's one thing I need {INSERT OBSTACLE} before I do it

Here's 10 obstacles that might be holding you back. Do you ever think or say....

  1. I need to be fitter & stronger first
  2. I'd fall and embarrass myself
  3. I need to be [INSERT] first
  4. Only women/men do it
  5. I'm too old
  6. I'm not a Pilates Teacher/Aerialist
  7. Not now, I'm self conscious
  8. I'm just not good enough
  9. I'm too busy
  10. I'll think about it

  • Do you believe you should have a certain level of readiness or improvement before starting?
  • Are you questioning whether you should wait until you feel more confident or capable?
  • Do you feel the need to meet certain criteria or achieve a certain level before taking this leap?
  • Are you wondering if you should wait until you feel more qualified or experienced?


You are not your obstacle, you have freedom in who you are now

Obstacles hold us back. They don't often help our dreams come true and help us live life to its fullest. They keep us small. You don't need to be more than what and who you are today. You are enough and by embracing who you are now, in this moment, you can be who you are authentically now and feel the bliss of that.

It's my role and privilege to meet YOU where YOU are

Here's 10 things to ask yourself to get a clearer idea...

  1. You want to try something different, something fun and playful that will also get you super fit!
  2. You're ready to learn more and you're looking for courses to do
  3. You're an aerialist and/or aerial teacher and your looking for more ideas for warm ups, cool downs and conditioning in your aerial classes and aerial studio
  4. You really wanna embrace your inner acrobat! & feel it's now or never
  5. You love Pilates and/or Aerial and the idea of combining them sounds like heaven
  6. You're craving to focus on your own workout and progressions and feeling good in your body
  7. You want something fresh in your teachings and to re inspire your teachings
  8. You're a Pilates Studio or Aerial Studio owner and you want to bring in fresh, innovative & exciting classes to your studio and potentially generate a whole wave of new clientele too
  9. You'd really like to learn syllabus for Aerial Pilates and get access to videos and downloadable PDF's
  10. You just wanna do it!

Choose YOU, the only thing that holds you back is mindset, what would happen if you chose NOT to put obstacles into your life this year? Try it for 1 hour, then 1 day.... Keep going. It's that simple. Don't hold yourself back from soaring anymore 🦋

FEEL GOOD right now, no matter what's been (the good, the bad) and whatever's to come. 


I've got your back and I want the best for you

Air Hugs,


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