Flipping the familiar with a different perspective

aerial aerial teacher aerialhammock aerialist aerialpilates aerialpilatesteachertraining aerialyoga mindset you Mar 12, 2024


There's something profound when you're looking at the world from a different angle - literally hanging upside down in an Aerial hammock doing Aerial Pilates, Aerial Yoga or Aerial arts.  It's not just blood rushing to your head, it's a rush of perspective. And it got me thinking...

What if we approached our day-to-day lives with this idea? Flipping the script on the mundane, challenging our routines, and maybe even discovering a new way of viewing problems that’s been staring us right in the face - or feet?

So as you stretch through your week, I invite you to attempt your mental version of an upside down Pilates Teaser. Flip a problem on its head. Look at it in a new light. You might just find a solution that's simple...

And if you want to physically give it a go, too, I'm here. 

Yours truly,

upside down Debbie



P.S. If you're into flipping things upside down, wait till you see what I've got coming your way soon. It might just make your head spin – in the best way possible! 

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