Avoid these mistakes with Aerial Pilates

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Avoid these mistakes with Aerial Pilates

Having been an aerialist for over 17 years, I have a passion for sharing the art form.  For sharing not only the artistic side but also the safety.  I want you to be safe.  It's important to keep clients safe and educate yourself on what you don't know.  

On my Aerial Pilates Teacher Training course I breakdown how the syllabus has been created.   Not by 'plonking' Pilates exercises on a hammock in a haphazard way.  By careful selection and choosing which movements are relevant, which parts of them.   Which ones come from Aerial, the why and the how and also which ones come from Pilates and the why and the how. 

Syllabus is just ONE part of it


When wanting to teach aerial Pilates, it's essential to be mindful of the following mistakes to ensure a safe and effective practice for both yourself and your students.  This could literally be life and death.  I'm not saying this to scare anyone.  I'm sharing information to educate and keep people safe. 


Skipping Professional Training

One mistake is attempting to teach aerial Pilates without undergoing thorough training and certification.  How do you know what you don't know?    How will you know which important parts you're missing?

If you don't know, how will you know? 

It's key to receive professional instruction for aerial Pilates Teacher Training to gain a solid understanding of the equipment, techniques, safety protocols, and modifications for different skill levels.  There is a lot of aerial equipment for sale online that is not fit for purpose.  

What do you think you could miss?  How would you know.... what you don't know?


Neglecting Safety Precautions

Safety should always be the top priority when teaching aerial Pilates. Avoid the mistake of overlooking safety precautions, such as knowing what equipment to purchase, how to rig it, what to look for in terms of checking equipment, ensuring professional rigging.  


Syllabus and Exercise Choices 

For exercise and movement instruction, choosing your exercises and syllabus with a knowledge of both Aerial arts and the Pilates method.   This is to ensure both areas are respected and embraces.  Providing clear instructions to students, and knowing what to look for throughout the session.


Pushing Too Hard, Too Soon

A mistake is pushing students beyond their current skill level or physical capabilities too quickly or having 'no where to go' with it once you've done it.   Inversions are fun. It's easy to start teaching and doing inversions...  But what happens after that?   Where do you go from there....  It's important to progress gradually, offer modifications and variations to accommodate different fitness levels, and encourage students to listen to their bodies and communicate any discomfort or limitations.  

Lack of Warm-Up and Cool Down

Skipping a good warm-up and cool down routine is a common mistake that can lead to injuries and muscle soreness. Incorporate dynamic stretches, mobility exercises, and breathing techniques at the beginning of the class to prepare the body for movement and promote circulation. Similarly, include static stretches and relaxation techniques at the end to aid in recovery and reduce muscle tension.  


Failing to Provide Adequate Instruction and Feedback

Effective communication is key when teaching aerial Pilates. Avoid the mistake of assuming that students understand the movements or equipment intuitively or safely. Provide clear demonstrations, verbal cues, and specific hands-on adjustments as needed. Offer constructive feedback, encouragement, and guidance to help students improve their technique and feel supported throughout the practice.


Create Safe, Engaging and Rewarding Experiences

By being mindful of these mistakes and taking proactive measures to address them, you can create a safe, engaging, and rewarding aerial Pilates experience for yourself and your students.  

If you'd like to know more about the Aerial Pilates Teacher Training with Air Control Pilates get in touch. 

We have a full jam packed 10 Units which cover everything you need to know and keep you and your students safe in the Air! 




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