Why is Air Control Pilates® Aerial Pilates course an excellent investment?

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Find your middle ground with Aerial Pilates Teacher Training

If you're a Pilates instructor, lover or an aerialist looking to expand your own skills and/or to offer something unique to clients, now is the right time to discover Air Control Pilates® 

Teaching aerial pilates can give your career, studio and yourself a refreshing boost.

Here's why Air Control Pilates® instructor training is an excellent investment! 

Stand Out from the Competition  Aerial pilates is still relatively new and exotic compared to traditional mat pilates. Getting certified enables you to offer classes your competitors don't have, giving you a marketable edge. The novelty factor can attract new clientele.

Broaden Your Client Base   Combining the freedom of Aerial with the precise nature of Pilates is what appeals to a wide range of students from athletic focused to seniors. Aerial training expands the range of clients you can work with. It's also great for retaining students by adding new classes.

Increase Your Earning Potential You'll be able to charge premium rates for specialised Aerial Pilates classes, workshops and private training. This additional revenue can lead to a significant boost in your income and profit margins for your studio.

Gain a New Skillset with the Air Control Pilates® aerial pilates technique.  By immersing yourself in this unique approach, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the Pilates principles while exploring the world of aerial movement. Discover the "why" behind each movement, without the need for drops, wraps, and tricks found in aerial arts. As a result, you'll emerge as a more well-rounded, safer and versatile instructor.

Enjoy Teaching Again Learning something new reinvigorates passion for teaching. The excitement you'll share with students trying aerial for the first time is contagious!

Take advantage of the high demand for Aerial Pilates expertise and broaden your knowledge, draw new students in and watch your career and life move with more ease and flow!

I know investing in yourself and committing to learn Aerial Pilates can be a small but important step, but I PROMISE YOU that you’ll be so glad you made it. 🎪 ❤️ 

Claim your 14 day Behind the Scenes ACCESS PASS today and you'll see how exciting and full it is of exciting, rich content that will pour energy, knowledge and inspiration your way! 


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