You are Powerful as you are! 🥰

competition mindset Jan 02, 2022

You are Powerful as you are

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You don't need to be more than what and who you are today.  You are enough 😍 and by embracing who you are now, in this moment, you can be who you are authentically NOW and feel the bliss of that 🥰

Do you ever think....

  • I need to be fitter & stronger first
  • I'd fall and embarrass myself 
  • I need to be [INSERT] first
  • Only women/men do it
  • I'm too old
  • I'm not Pilates Teacher/Aerialist 
  • Not now, I'm self conscious
  • I'm just not good enough 


Choose YOU, the only thing that holds you back is mindset, what would happen if you chose NOT to put OBSTACLES into your life this year?  Try it for 1 hour, then 1 day.... Keep going.   It's that simple.  Don't hold yourself back from soaring anymore 🦋

FEEL GOOD right now, no matter what's been (the good, the bad) and whatever's to come.  

I've got your back and I want the best for you - My fingers and toes are crossed for you winning! 

Create that moment for you, 1 hour, 1 day...keep going

You are powerful as you are


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