What’s the difference to doing Aerial Pilates and Pilates?

aerial aerialpilates pilates pilateslovers Apr 12, 2023
What’s the difference to doing Aerial Pilates? Than just ‘normal Pilates’

Hi, I'm Debbie, founder of Air.  I’ve taught Pilates for 20 years, I love matwork Pilates & apparatus 🙌🏽🤸🏾 As an aerialist I found a gap in training, where the incredible benefits of the Pilates method could be experienced & added to the magical mix of Aerial arts.  Pilates is well known and experienced for its healing & proactive approach to injury prevention, so blending that with the hard core training of Aerial arts and its a healthy, complimentary marriage of movement in my mind 🫱🏼‍🫲🏾🫶🏽

Are you intrigued?  Have you tried it before?  Let me know in the comments 🙌🏽

Pilates in the air, floating just off the ground in an aerial hammock - In some ways it is totally similar 🙌🏽 to ‘normal Pilates’.  In many other ways, it’s completely different, you’re floating in the air or parts of you are. (This also happens with Pilates apparatus sometimes with the fluffy cuffs!) You can feel that you have more freedom and space, to spin, to turn, to feel.

The hammock gives you feedback which is really in tune with you and where your body and mind are at.  Is it just another Pilates prop?  Well, it’s like a second skin that folds and curls around your body moving when you move, giving you key information as you go. Tuning into this subtle feedback is really powerful,

…..and then of course we have the inversions which is turning upside down yet not needing your hand and forearms/grip which is ideal for those with any wrist or hand problems or those that struggle with upper body strength or overworked Aerialist arms! 💪🏽🎉

What’s the difference everything and nothing!!


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