What's holding you back from spreading your wings?

mindset Mar 03, 2022

** Be curious **

Leaning into our fears in a curious way can help us to explore any obstacles that we may have so we can grow and fully realise, visualise and actualise our fullest potential 🦋


Not looking at what scares us....creates more of a problem than what we 'think' is the problem and giving us this fearful feeling


 I'm gonna repeat that....

Our avoidance is the obstacle NOT the problem 


So what if we were just be playful about it...

  • Be curious....
  • What's sticky...
  • What's whirling in our minds...
  • What holds us back....from being our frigging amazing selves! 

Your unique, amazing and worth it all!!  

I know you want THE BEST for yourself 


Stay curious ......

Lean in.......the moment you do that rather than step away.  BOOM ❤️



Our avoidance is the obstacle NOT the problem 



Wings Tool Kit:  I designed this to support you in reaching your true potential!

This online course is only £25, includes free downloads

Wings Toolkit:  Reaching your true potential


This course could be an amazing step for your personal development!   This is your safe space to delve into and explore new areas of personal growth​ for you to meet your truest self - with ease! 

What we cover: 

  • ​What is holding you back?  ​ A deeper understanding of mental obstacles​
  • What hidden obstacles may be giving you trouble​  
  • Create a tool kit for leaning into your obstacles & reaching your true potential!


 Spread your wings, it's time to fly

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