Uplift your Fitness Workouts with Aerial Pilates: Including Benefits and Tips

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Uplift your Fitness Workouts with Aerial Pilates

Believe it or not

I'm a lover of the basics and the fundamentals.  

It always brings me back to the roots and keeps things simple.  

It's what I do for me.  It's what I teach for others - clients or teachers, regardless of experience.

The wider your wings, the deeper your roots...

So, just because it's 'in the Air', and has a sense of being acrobatic and athletic doesn't mean it needs to be advanced.  My Dad will show you that!  Have you seen him on my instagram yet?! In some ways the aerial hammock can support the body more than working on the mat and using apparatus.  The hammock is a very adaptable prop that can give a variety of options to support where it's needed, challenge or encourage positions or movements.   It's an easier thing to do and explain than to write and explain!   Hence my teacher training and classes come with full demonstrations and explanations.  Go check out the free trials to watch classes in action and you'll see for yourself in visuals as I use the hammock to demonstrate and explain this....better! 


If you've not heard much about Aerial Pilates before

I'll introduce it, explain a wee bit and tell you about its unique benefits.


What is Aerial Pilates? 

Aerial Pilates with Air Control Pilates® involves practising Pilates exercises in the air by suspending the body, or parts of the body in an aerial hammock. It combines the principles and exercises of the Pilates method with the liberation and expression of aerial arts using the aerial hammock which is suspended close to the ground at the height of the hips to the lower leg.

Beginners practising aerial Pilates can start by practising exercises on the floor with the assistance of the aerial hammock, then gradually advance to exercises that require full body suspension.

What is an Aerial Hammock? 

Firstly, it's important to be safe if you want to use and Aerial hammock.  A safe aerial hammock is aerial fabric which has been rigged and set up from either a stand alone aerial frame or appropriate beams by a qualified professional.  It's also important that the hammock has been designed to safely hold the weight of a human body including additional forces created by movement. {if you are not sure we have a 'Safe practise of Aerial Pilates'.  It is also Unit 1 of our Aerial Pilates Teacher Training course}

The benefits of using an Aerial hammock

....are limitless!   It shifts your perspective and gives you a second skin in the air to work on all the key fitness, health and wellness benefits from a different plane!   Whilst giving a blissful feeling of freedom of movement and a fun sense of natural playfulness, it's also great as a self expressive form of movement and activity

Key Benefits of Aerial Pilates, including;

  • Centring or Core Strengthening: the suspension and instability of the aerial hammock gives you freedom to move and space to engage the core muscles or 'centre' in maybe different positions or more intensely, depending on the level or positions. 
  • Flexibility: As the hammock gives a place for movement in the air, it allows for deep stretches and a large range of motion.  Whilst also requiring equal strength in places too which is a great combination for a healthy balance in the body.
  • Spinal Decompression:  the traction of the spine which happens when safely using the aerial hammock and inverting can create space and length around the spine.
  • Enhanced Body Awareness: the aerial hammock challenges balance and proprioception - both mental and physical, leading to improved body awareness.

What does Aerial Pilates feel like?

It feels like second skin.  Moving in the air freely and gaining strength from within yourself, to powerfully influence your mind and body.  When practised well, you'll feel strong, connected and in beautiful control and empowered to live your life to its fullest potential.

The hammock will meet you on your journey wherever you’re at, it’s a natural teacher that has your back​!

Let's explore the advantages of Aerial Pilates

and I'll give you some tips for incorporating it into a fitness routine.


Tips for Incorporating Aerial Pilates into Your Fitness Routine

Here's some practical tips for introducing or incorporating Aerial Pilates into your activities include:

  • Finding a Qualified Instructor:  It is key to go to a certified Aerial Pilates Teacher who has gone through professional training.
  • Finding a Certified Teacher Training course;  If you're keen to learn to be a teacher, it's important to know that the course you'll be attending covers Safe Rigging Awareness, and that your Teacher Tutor is suitably qualified, I'd suggest as both a Pilates Teacher and Professional Aerialist. 
  • Starting Slowly: Encourage beginners to start with basic moves and gradually progress to more advanced exercises
  • Listening to Your Body: I'm always reminding students to pay attention to their body's limits and modify or adjust exercises as needed.
  • Consistency and Progression: It's important to have regular practice and gradually increase the difficulty level and mental challenge. This is key for confidence and physicality.  


Frequently Asked Questions about Aerial Pilates

There's a few common questions and genuine concerns that individuals (both teachers & clients) may have about Aerial Pilates.  Or if I'm brave enough to say, with all due respect 'You don't know, what you don't know'. Which means there could be potential ignorance around key areas such as; safety set up, appropriate equipment, and suitability for specific exercises or different fitness levels. I'm gonna do a whole other blog about FAQ's.... watch this space!!


To summarise 

To me the benefits and appeal of Aerial Pilates, I feel, it's unlimited.  This is just the beginning of an incredible tool and prop.  I wholeheartedly encourage you to try Aerial Pilates and experience the unique blend of strength, flexibility, and fun that it offers and how that can positively influence your mental well being and vibrance!   

Want to find out for yourself?


ACCESS 14 DAY BEHIND THE SCENES FREE PASS  - ideal if you're thinking about doing the Aerial Pilates Teacher Training.  Gives you the ability to see what the course is like before committing.

ACCESS 14 DAY FREE CLASSES - ideal if you'd like to see what the subscription classes are like. I offer both Pilates Matwork and Aerial Pilates classes.  Live online & replays available 


I'm away to get started on that next blog about FAQ's! 

Air Hugs


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