Turn your wounds into wisdom!

aerialarts mindset Jan 19, 2022
Turn your wounds into wisdom!
Shadow work is powerful
'In Her Shadows' was a personal show, from my heart ❤️ A way for me to express my struggles so I could be free to move my life forwards. It was hard work, but it was everything I dreamed it to be and more 🐛🦋
Leaning towards our shadows can be powerful, courageous, life changing, cathartic and heart warming
'In Her Shadows' was a dance-mindscape piece, featuring aerial and physical theatre and supported by stunning visual projections and haunting music. It toured across Scotland as part of the ‘Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival’ & DanceLive in October 2015 with thanks to funding from Creative Scotland.
We had an incredible creative team involved to make the whole process happen and get it off the ground. (See more details in the link below) including our multi award winning director, Cora Bissett.
In Her Shadows gained a lot of media attention including a visit from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. This included coverage from;
Hello Magazine, US Hello, BBC, ITV, STV news, Evening Times, The Scotsman & more
It was never my intention to create a show from my personal story.   When I was struggling, I went to a professional counsellor,  I thought it would be 6 months and I'd be 'fixed'....five years later!  It was the best path I'd ever taken to heal, learn and grow.   It was something I felt was private, but as I slowly shared and opened up to people around me, I became aware of how much stigma there was around it, this was in 2008. 
The conversations it brought up with people made me feel passionate about encouraging the benefits we could all experience as human beings,  having a 'safe space' to talk about our struggles, feelings or stuck emotions.  So we can heal and grow. 
The journey of creating that into In Her Shadows is another story 🙌🏽 for another day
See more about it on the website here:


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