Overcoming analysis paralysis - embracing fearlessness with Aerial Pilates

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"The more fearful a person is, the more he uses his mind.  

The more fearless a person is, the more he uses his heart."

Quote:  Teal Swan

Artistry:  @garrapacaya


Overcoming analysis paralysis: embracing fearlessness with Aerial Pilates 


Beginning an Aerial Pilates journey can be an exciting and transformative experience. However, it's not uncommon for people to find themselves spending too much time overthinking and getting caught up in their own heads.  Whether they 'should' try it or go for it or not....

This phenomenon, known as analysis paralysis, can hinder progress and prevent you from fully embracing the joy of movement.

What do we know about fear?

In this blog, I will explore the impact of fear on our mindset and offer strategies to shift from a mind-centered approach to a heart-centered one, allowing you to overcome analysis paralysis and find freedom in your movement journey.

"The more fearful a person is, the more he uses his mind. The more fearless a person is, the more he uses his heart." - Teal Swan


Understanding the impact of Fear
Fear is a natural response that can either motivate or hinder us. When it comes to movement, fear could manifests as self-doubt, perfectionism or what 'could' go wrong. These fears can lead to overthinking, second-guessing, and an excessive focus on outcomes rather than the present moment.

By recognising the impact that fear is having on our mindset.  Then we can begin to shift our perspective and embrace fearlessness.  I say be curious about it.  Lean in.  Just notice where it pops up.  Try not to judge yourself for it.  

Be curious...

Have a wee 'aha' moment to yourself.  Like "ooooh there you are!"


Embrace the Present Moment
Analysis paralysis often stems from a fixation on the future or past. I've done it many a time!  By shifting your focus to the present moment, it's easier to dip in and connect with a heart-centered vibe.  Just noticing it can be all it takes - (As I said above, stay curious.)  

And that's what the aerial hammock does!  

It keeps you in the moment. This will naturally support your practice of mindfulness techniques.   You can also focus on, deep breathing, body scans, or meditation to ground yourself in the present. This will help quiet the chatty mind and allow you to fully engage with your body and the joy of movement.


Set Realistic Goals and Celebrate Progress and Wins
The magic here is to be kind to yourself.  Have fun.  Setting realistic goals is the magic for maintaining motivation and avoiding overwhelm. Break down your journey into smaller, achievable parts. Let yourself win!   Enjoy feeling good :) Celebrate each mini milestone reached, no matter how small, to acknowledge your progress and boost your confidence.  

Laugh at your lessons and learn from them and move on....literally move...on :)


Encourage Self-Compassion
Fear often stems from a fear of failure or judgment.  Don't beat yourself up over someone else's poor choice of words or projection.  Shake that shizz off! 

Practice self-compassion and love by treating yourself with kindness and understanding. Be gentle with yourself when faced with challenges or setbacks. Remember that everyone has their own unique journey, and it's okay to make mistakes along the way.  Head up, deep breath and notice all the good you do and are.  


Kind Accountability - Buddie up! 
Surround yourself with supportive people. People who want good for you and vice versa.  Having great support can make a world of difference.  People have the power to lift you up and remind you what you're capable of and support you when you're not feeling your best self.  They can help you to alleviate fears and provide accountability for when you're ready to rise up. Share your goals openly and challenges with them, and allow them to cheer you on and provide guidance when needed.  

Embrace Playfulness and Joy!
Embrace a sense of playfulness and joy. Let go of expectations and allow yourself to explore different forms of activity that bring you joy. Dance, try new sports, or engage in activities that make you feel alive and free. Embrace the process of discovery and find pleasure in the movement itself, rather than solely focusing on outcomes. The aerial hammock is your toy of joy here!  If you've not tried it before or you're new - make sure you find a qualified Aerial Pilates Teacher to guide you safely.  Whilst it's fun, there are absolute key steps for your safety, it's important to respect the Aerial community and all it can do for you. 



Take a moment, be honest with yourself right now is this moment.  As you READ THIS NOW...

Do you feel you're overthinking things  

You may do it lots.... you may do it only occasionally 

Overcoming analysis paralysis and embracing fearlessness is a transformative process.  

It does require a shift from a mind-centered approach to a heart-centered one.

  • Cultivating mindfulness
  • Let yourself win with realistic, fun goals
  • Creating beautiful self-compassion
  • Getting kick ass accountability buddies
  • Embracing playfulness whilst respecting aerial safety 


YOU can break free from the constraints of fear and fully immerse yourself in the joy of movement. Remember, it's through the heart that we find true freedom and fulfilment. If you're seeking guidance and support in your Aerial Pilates journey or you'd like to know more about it, reach out.    

My Aerial Pilates Teacher Training has a BONUS module as part of the course called 'Wings Toolkit'. It's all about spreading your wings.    See you're not the only one who gets in your own way.  I have too.  Others have too.   That's why I created that specialist bonus module that comes as part of the course.  It also includes access to my personal Aerial show, 'In Her Shadow's'  (run time 45mins)


You CAN overcome fears,

You CAN embrace fearlessness, and discover the joy of movement! 

Embrace fearlessness and let your heart guide you on your Aerial Pilates journey ❤️


Air Hugs



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