Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Your Guide to Aerial Pilates

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Your Guide to Aerial Pilates

Frequently Asked Questions


In this blog post, I'll be sharing common questions about Aerial Pilates to provide you with a clear guide!   First of all, in case your not familiar with Aerial Pilates...  and it's a new exciting discovery for you...

Welcome to Aerial Pilates!  

What is Aerial Pilates?  

Aerial Pilates  combines the Pilates method with Aerial arts using an aerial hammock.  

Aerial Pilates with Air Control Pilates® involves practising Pilates exercises in the air by suspending the body, or parts of the body in an aerial hammock. It combines the principles and exercises of the Pilates method with the liberation and expression of aerial arts using the aerial hammock which is suspended close to the ground at the height of the hips to the lower leg.

Beginners practising aerial Pilates can start by practising exercises on the floor with the assistance of the aerial hammock, then gradually advance to exercises that require full body suspension.


Finding a Qualified Aerial Pilates Instructor

If you're looking for a qualified Aerial Pilates Teacher near you?  Get in touch, I can give you details of your nearest Aerial Pilates Teacher!  If you want to become one of those teachers, get in touch too!  It is highly recommended to seek out and go to a qualified Aerial Pilates Teacher. 

Here's a few items to consider; checking they have certification, what their experience is, and perhaps reviews they have from their clients or better yet a word of mouth recommendation!  Talking of that, if you do have an amazing Aerial Pilates Teacher make sure to spread the good word of mouth about them too!  It's important to find and go to a teacher who prioritises safety and can guide you through moves safely, with good technique and great progressions to make it a good experience for you!  

If you've got a good one, go brag about them!  ❤️🎉 I'm sure they'd appreciate it


Frequently Asked Questions about Aerial Pilates

These are a few of the most common questions and concerns that people may have about Aerial Pilates, these could apply to Aerial yoga too. 

 1. Is Aerial Pilates suitable for beginners?  Aerial Pilates can be adapted for all levels and different fitness levels, including beginners. The aerial hammock is an incredibly versatile prop and both the height can be adjusted and the exercises.

The specific exercise adaptability skills is largely down to the Aerial Pilates teacher, and their process of responding to the clients needs.  We cover all of this on our Teacher Training courses, giving adaptations, alternatives and differing levels.  


2. Is Aerial Pilates safe?    Yes, Aerial Pilates when taught professionally is safe.  Both the setting up of the equipment and the exercises carried out if taught by a qualified teacher.  There may be times when you feel out of your comfort zone, however, a good teacher will support your journey and be there to ensure your safety and reassure you in your learning process and hopefully make it fun!   

The set up: The most important part of safe practise is the set up and use of appropriate equipment.  The safe set up of a studio or home is essential; from the rigging point that the hammock is going to be attached to, whether it's a stand alone point or an aerial frame/rig, to purchasing safe equipment and setting it up appropriately.  Unfortunately there are many places and companies selling inappropriate and unsafe set ups.  

As an Aerialist, educator in Aerial Pilates and daughter of a health and safety Dad, this is something I've work passionately on behind the scenes to create useful education for our teachers so they can make knowledgable informed decisions.  We've created a 'Safe Practise for Aerial Pilates' guidance as Unit 1 on our Aerial Pilates Teacher Training, the very first lesson we cover in our Aerial Pilates Teacher Training course, safety first.    


3. Do I need any prior experience or special equipment?   Prior experience is not necessary, and the studio or teacher who's leading the session will provide the necessary equipment, such as aerial hammocks or silks.

4. Will Aerial Pilates help with weight loss?  Aerial Pilates is great activity and movement for the body, and it can contribute to overall fitness and body toning, however, if weight loss is your goal, it would need to be combined with a balanced diet and other forms of exercise that would be in line with your weight loss goals.  It's best to seek guidance of a Personal trainer, nutritionist or other related professional to support and guide you best. 

5. Can Aerial Pilates help with back pain or injuries?   To generalise, Aerial Pilates uses the aerial hammock and this can provide a great tool for spinal decompression during the inversions. Inversions allow the spine to be inverted and this can ease pressure or pain by creating space for nerves, discs and vertebrae.  This can be a powerful reliever for tension and compression.  

It's important to respect that each person and their injury is individual and unique in their experience.  What works for one person might aggravate an injury or pain in another.  It's key to consult with a healthcare professional before starting if you have any specific concerns or injuries.   

6. Is Aerial Pilates For You?

Aerial Pilates is a fun, creative, incredible activity, movement and beautiful form of Pilates in the Air, or helpful way to progress in Aerial Arts, that can be adapted for each persons level.  The more you practice, the more familiar you are, and the more you can explore!

If any of these are familiar.....  

"I'm not strong/flexible/fit enough to do it"

 "I've not done gymnastics or acrobatics before"

"I'm too old"

"It wouldn't hold me.  I'd fall out"

"No way, I'm too scared to try it"

"Maybe another time..."

or you feel you’re 'lacking' in some way before you begin or you’re afraid of being in the Air, in the right learning environment you can learn to face these challenges and discover your inner strength and the liberation, fun and freedom of using the Aerial hammock for Aerial Pilates. 

Some people watch from a distance and feel inspired, and drawn to it but they may feel weak or not confident to begin, whatever their age.  The challenge is often what attracts and inspires them to try Aerial, it plants a desire.  I say follow your desires ❤️


7. Is Aerial Pilates and Aerial Yoga the same?  

If you take away the Aerial part, you're left with Pilates or Yoga, which are different and the same applies when doing Aerial Pilates or Aerial Yoga.  My background as an Aerialist & Pilates Teacher of 20 years means my passion and focus is purely from the Pilates Method.   I love it!  It's brought so much never ending learning into my life and career.   I invite you to find out more about this incredible movement. 

8.  What are the benefits of Aerial Pilates?

The benefits....are limitless!   It shifts your perspective and gives you a second skin in the air to work on all the key fitness, health and wellness benefits from a different plane!   Whilst giving a blissful feeling of freedom of movement and a fun sense of natural playfulness, it's also great as a self expressive form of movement and activity

Key Benefits of Aerial Pilates, include;

  • Centring or Core Strengthening: the suspension and instability of the aerial hammock gives you freedom to move and space to engage the core muscles or 'centre' in maybe different positions or more intensely, depending on the level or positions. 
  • Flexibility: As the hammock gives a place for movement in the air, it allows for deep stretches and a large range of motion.  Whilst also requiring equal strength in places too which is a great combination for a healthy balance in the body.
  • Spinal Decompression:  the traction of the spine which happens when safely using the aerial hammock and inverting can create space and length around the spine.
  • Enhanced Body Awareness: the aerial hammock challenges balance and proprioception - both mental and physical, leading to improved body awareness.
  • Boosts your sense of playfulness:  It's fun, creative and can make it easy to want to do more, it's great for healthy well being & more! 



Please reach out if you have any remaining questions or concerns about trying Aerial Pilates. Find a qualified Aerial Pilates Teacher near you and enjoy your safe and effective Aerial Pilates practice! 

Read more here!


I'd love to hear your key takeaways from these FAQs about Aerial Pilates?  If you have any additional questions or you'd like to know more, get in touch!    

I'm a message away,


Air Hugs





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