I invite you to be curious about your fears....

aerialists aerialpilatesteachertraining mindset Jan 20, 2022

I invite you to be curious about your fears... 

ADMIN.....Admin scares me more than hanging from one hand high up in the air, dropping towards the ground wrapped in silks, knowing it's going to hurt at the bottom..... Yup, admin still scares me more!   🙈😂

I'm a mover, a teacher, a sharer that's my strength...

However, to be able to share this work I've had to learn, to grow, to keep curious about all the areas I'm not skilled at, that scare me, that I don't know, that I'm not confident in...and learn.....  more   and again....  and again....

Websites, marketing, accounting, sales, technical skills, filming & editing, online ninjas, we all do it as small business owners 🙌🏽   Plus developing our personal skills; self confidence, determination, discipline and balance

Our Aerial Pilates Teacher Training course has grown to include a unit on marketing and managing your Aerial Pilates classes to help support your growth in everyday skills and tasks

Once you're a qualified Air Control Pilates Teacher you can then become an Air Artist which includes regular mentoring, international meet ups with Air Artists around the world, exclusive discounts and more! 

Find out more about our courses here:  https://www.aircontrolpilates.com/air-school

I've also created a whole 'Wings Toolkit'  to help you along the way! 🦋


I want to make it easier, smoother and a more graceful, kind pathway for you. If you are struggling to discover your truest potential.  We've got your back

Stay curious 


Be Authentic You.  In Style


Air Hugs






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