Be intrigued about Anatomy!

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Be intrigued about Anatomy! 

In our 'Introduction to Anatomy' course we look at the muscular system and the skeletal system.   We use incredible interactive 3D models to make learning about applying anatomy whilst moving and teaching realistic, understandable and fun! 


I love the Psoas

Have you heard of it?
It also gets called the muscle of the soul 🥰 Isn't that lovely....
The Psoas affects the whole person; connecting physical, emotional and spiritual well-being
Psoas is pronounced "So-az" with a silent 'P'. The Psoas is part of a group of muscles called the Iliopsoas
Where is it?
It is the muscle shown at the top here, it helps to flex the hip, it is the only muscle that connects the spine to the legs!
The muscle is near the body's centre of gravity, so it's vital in the role of balance and energy.
Imbalances can show up in a few ways emotionally, postural, and energetically, and it very commonly involves the Psoas, so it is important to learn about it and nurture it.
You can learn more about nurturing the psoas and gorgeous, loving meditations on our incredible NEW Hammock Meditation course!
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