An incredible NEW, unique way to meditate 🧘‍♀️

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An incredible, NEW, unique way to meditate 🧘‍♀️

......Imagine, floating in the air

Freedom to move anywhere, whist being rocked gently and held securely  

Lovingly nurtured to a place of peace......this is total bliss... and you can experience it

You are so deserving of this blissful feeling and you can magic it into reality 🥰


Movement, stillness, and awareness are powerful in the journey to release and heal stresses and held tension in the body and mind.

Our thoughts are powerful, they can greatly affect the physical body too.  When we meditate we can still the mind and bring peace,  which in turn affects our physical body. 

We've carefully written guided, loving meditations on our incredible Hammock Meditation course to give you and you're clients a safe way to nurture the soul with these kind words.   This is ideal if you feel like you might say the wrong thing, or open up a can of worms for your clients which you're not qualified or skilled in.  We've written these to give you an easy way to be a guide and to give you the confidence to hold a nurturing, loving place for you and your class.
Feel the flow and peace of hammock meditations
Feeling in flow state is the key to bring so much more into your life,  it's the place where everything feels free and you feel at ease.  
Receive inspiration 🧘‍♀️
It's good to feel that your cup is being filled with energetic magic juice!   Especially if it's healthy for your mind and body.   All you need to do is be in a place to receive, be open and you'll be inspired in every way.  Pour into others when your own cup is full.  Do you feel full right now?  We are here, waiting to pour into you! ~ inspiration, strength, confidence, knowledge, inspiration, energy, zest and education.  Are you ready to receive? 🙌🏽
Inspire your clients 
You are a source of inspiration, your clients and friends trust in you, in your space, your classes, your studio and in you and your energy.  They often want more.... 
With these powerful hammock meditation sessions you can bring them peace, calm, flow and a place to melt and relax.  Inspiring them to be present, relaxed within themselves and live in the moment.
Bring peace and calm to your friends, family & clients 
We'll show you and guide you, with ease, how you can bring this unique way of meditating into your friends, family & clients life's and how they can feel the blissful, powerful benefits of it.  Your clients will love you for it! ❤️
YOU time! 🥰✌🏾
What do you do for you?  Do you get quality time for you?  What makes you feel blissful, alive and free.....   🥰 Floating in a bubble of bliss 🧘‍♀️ What gives you energy?  Makes you feel relaxed? Would you like time and space for a powerful reset?  or a nurturing, loving space to melt and be held.  
Feel more YOU❤️
The magic of Meditation is that it makes you more you.  Brings you back home to your higher self with ease, flow and grace. You are a beautiful soul who gives, be's and does so much. This is for you.  Be more YOU
Breathe AIR into your mind & meditations
We'd love you to join us on this journey, are you ready to receive? 🙌🏽
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