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Have you heard about the Pilates Teaser exercise?  Some schools and teachings will talk about Teaser 1 or Teaser 4 etc... as it goes up in levels or has different stages to the full exercise. 

Did you know there's another level?   But this one doesn't have a number....  This one is another dimension!  You can take your Pilates Teaser into the Air with the Aerial Hammock.  It'll give you a different perspective of your teaser, your movement and more.

I'll be exploring how to perform the teaser using an Aerial hammock, adding an exciting twist to the traditional exercise.  If you're a visual and kinaesthetic leaner I also have a full 1 hour video masterclass with downloadable PDF's so you can DO and FEEL the movements yourself.  (Links at the bottom)


Here's how you can learn about a unique and fun way

to incorporate the Pilates teaser into your and your clients workouts

What is an Aerial Hammock? - Firstly, it's important to be safe.  A safe aerial hammock is aerial fabric which has been rigged and set up from either a stand alone aerial frame or appropriate beams by a qualified professional.  This hammock has been designed to safely hold the weight of a human body including additional forces created by movement.

Within Aerial arts it can be used by Aerialists to do flips, tricks, wraps and dramatic impressive acrobatic and artistic movements.  As an aerialist myself of over 16 years, I absolutely love the feeling of flying through the air!   I love to challenge myself to continuously learn new positions, moves and then choreograph these into a series to create what can be called a 'piece' or an act.  It feels amazing to move with music and let that influence and guide the rhythm and feeling of the piece too or vice versa. 

The benefits of using an Aerial hammock,  such as enhanced body awareness, shifting your perspective, core engagement, improved flexibility, freedom of movement, natural engagement and a fun, self expressive form of movement and activity is endless.... I could write an endless blog on the benefits.  But reading about it doesn't truly do it justice.  Once you get in the hammock, you feel it.  You have your own aha moment.   And then the journey begins....! 


The Pilates Teaser Exercise 

The teaser really is, in my view, about tapping into what's often called the Powerhouse in Pilates.  It's truly where your power comes from.  Your centre, your home, your power.  I often over emphasise the importance of the breath, the breath, the breath...  As so much of tapping into your inner power and your powerhouse in a flow state is about breathing as much as we often hear 'core engagement' and 'controlled movements' with Pilates or slow controlled movements throughout this and the other exercises.  The arms and legs are levers to play with and move with co-ordinated focus, but the primary focus remains the same.  The hammock reminds you of this, when you're inside it.  The hammock, is your connection to yourself, your connection to your breath.

Teaser with the Aerial Hammock 

The Aerial hammock can be used to modify and enhance the Pilates teaser exercise.  It's important to have a safe setup process, including how to secure the hammock and adjust its height.  With a professional rigger, I have created a 'Safe Practise for Aerial Pilates' awareness workshop especially for this which is available as a stand alone and also Unit 1 of my Aerial Pilates Teacher Training.  Safety first! 

In my masterclass I provide step-by-step instructions on how to perform all of the Aerial hammock teaser variations, including modifications or variations.  We start right from matwork and focus on gaining our connections within first.  Then use the hammock in all the various positions; which can be with the arms, just the legs, being inside the hammock, outside the hammock.  Then also how the same teaser connections can be used in different dimensions - upside down for example!   It's endless!  


Suggestions for beginners -   Even if you're a beginner, my teachings always begin with breathe and the connection to your centre.   I outline the anatomical work that happens inside of you using our Anatomy application - which is an incredible source of high institution standard. I'm very proud we use it ❤️ 

I start with basic Pilates teaser variations before attempting the Aerial hammock versions.  If you are fearful of using the aerial hammock, I suggest attending classes with a qualified Aerial Pilates Teacher who will guide you at the right level and give you safe spotting if needed.

If this has intrigued you......Great!   I love it.   Everyone's got an inner acrobat.  Give it a try and experience the unique challenge and excitement of this variation of the Pilates exercise Teaser

Read and watch video here.

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