10 Reasons why now is the ideal time to train in Aerial Pilates!

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10 Reasons why now is the ideal time

to train in Aerial Pilates!

{I can think of over 50 but I don't think you'd keep reading!  

Message me if you'd like the FULL list....}


Have you been thinking about doing the Aerial Pilates Teacher Training for a while...

Watching it from a far....

Or maybe you've tried a few classes and regularly train now...


Here's my top 10 reasons of why now is the ideal time to train in Aerial Pilates!


  1. You feel drawn to it and you just know you'll love it!
  2. You want to fill your own cup more, be creative, learn and energise yourself this year
  3. You've not planned your CPD for this year yet (continuous professional development)
  4. You want to keep inspiring your clients and bring new ones your way! 
  5. You just know you'd love to fly and feel your inner acrobat come out to play
  6. You've always been intrigued and watched from the distance.  You've thought about doing it...
  7. If you commit now, you have time to plan out your accommodation and travel for the February course in Scotland
  8. You have time to tell a friend and get them involved too
  9. If you book now this gives you enough space to arrange cover for your current classes for when you'll be away on the teacher training (Thur 22 - Sunday 25 Feb 2024)
  10. Start telling your clients and team you've got something exciting on the way!    

 Let's do this, you're ready to find out more...  and it's perfect divine timing right now.  Email Debbie on [email protected] and find out my next steps or answer any questions you're not sure about. 

Honestly, this might be your only chance, I don't know when I'll be running another in-person course as I'm soon to be launching other Air projects!   Woohoo!   All happening in 2024.


Come with me & let's soar in 24! 


Send me a message, saying you'd love to hang out!  I'm waiting to hear from you...

[email protected] 

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