Pay what you can

Breath of fresh Air Week

3 days of exciting, informing and inspiring LIVE sessions all about Aerial Pilates

From Pilates fundamentals, Hammock positioning, finding your wings, hardcore workouts, flows and chill sessions, live talks, interviews & more! 

An incredible week you wanna be a part of! 

What you'll get:

  • LiVE, interactive Classes, talks and education - both physical movement and mind sessions
  • 3 days; Monday 12, Wednesday 14, Friday 16 June 2023
  • 4 sessions each day; Knowledge, inspirational, information about all things aerial and Pilates, body, mind and heart
  • Access begins as soon as you sign up!
  • Meet like minded people all over the world
  • Varied hours for different time-zones
  • Recordings available  


Pay what you can.  To make this accessible to as many people.  This event is is running with a Pay what you can (from only £30)

What People Are Saying:

Absolutely the best teacher, you create such a safe and nurturing space to learn and you're also hilarious which for me, is the perfect combination to learn


You have such a fun, engaging yet informative teaching style!


I'm so excited that I am finally able to 'participate' in one of your live classes


It's a new layer of Pilates, that will enhance and support you. So so excited!!!


Pilates peeps, the hammock can really add an exciting new dynamic to our Pilates training.