Air Control Pilates®

Introduction to Aerial Pilates 

This course is the theory-based work, behind the scenes of our Aerial Pilates teacher training. 

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Where can you access this?

You can learn in your own time and space, from anywhere in the world!

Who is this course for?

It’s open to Aerialists, Pilates teachers, & enthusiasts looking to learn more about Aerial Pilates.

What’s involved?

Includes the first 4 units of the teacher training course,  theory only, so it's ideal if you're wondering about doing the full course.  Or if you're already teaching and want to move from teacher to pro! 

What you will learn:

  • The 4 units from the full teacher training
  • Unit 1:  Safe practice of Aerial Pilates/Rigging awareness for Aerial Pilates
  • Unit 2:  Introduction to Anatomy
  • Unit 3:  Pilates history
  • Unit 4:  Pilates fundamentals and principles

What you receive:

  • The first 4 units of the full teacher training course
  • 6 months subscription to Pilates matwork library
  • Wings toolkit - reaching your true potential
  • Exclusive access to 'In Her Shadows' Aerial theatre show (run time 40 mins)

What do I need to attend?

  • Access to a good internet connection
  • An intrigued and curious mind!
  • This course is theory based only with the additional option of Pilates matwork library of classes as an additional bonus


Course Format

  • Self-directed study and practice 
  • Each student will receive access to an online teaching platform 
  • Learn from anywhere at anytime!

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