Introduction to Anatomy

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Written and spoken by Suzy Cheong  

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone intrigued about Anatomy and their own body.  It's a fascinating exploration for anyone who wants to learn, progress or refresh their knowledge about their own body or to help teach or understand others!  

Please note:  This course is included in our Aerial Pilates Teacher Training

What this course covers

  • The Skeletal system
  • The muscular system
  • including BONUS 3D interactive models!   

This is a great guide and starting place to get a good basic understanding of the body's anatomy. The course will take you through the skeletal systems and the muscular systems.

While each worksheet will go through the different parts of the body showing movement and joint action, allowing you to build the bigger picture of the body in action. 

There are bonus extras of 3D models showing joint action and movement. This is useful as the model is labelled and moveable guiding you over the area to give you a more rounded understanding of joints and muscles. 

This part of the course will enable you to progress through the rest of the syllabus with a much a better understanding of movement and the body. It will empower you to understand how you yourself move and to see each clients anatomical movement patterns better and clearer when planning their programmes.  Our goal is to provide you with key areas of understanding so you can feel confident in your practice and development as an Air artist. 

What do I need to attend?

  • Access to a good internet connection & laptop/computer/iPad
  • No prior anatomy knowledge is needed to to begin or benefit from this course
  • An intrigued mind! 
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