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Aerial Hammock Course  

** Self directed course - learn in your own time and space via this online platform

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Self Directed Aerial Hammock Meditation Course

Air Control Pilates® 


Who is this course for?

This course is for Aerialists, Pilates & Yoga Teachers, and/or enthusiasts working with the Aerial Hammock

What are Aerial Hammock Meditation sessions?

Hammock meditation is a unique form of practicing guided and non guided meditation sessions in the air by suspending the body, or parts of the body in a soft aerial silk hammock. The hammock is suspended close to the ground, about 1⁄2 a metre, which creates an incredible floating space for the client.  This can feel nurturing, supportive and liberating.

What you'll learn

  • Safe practice to ensure a professional aerial hammock set up
  • Meditation and movement techniques
  • Guided meditations (scripted for your ease)
  • Deeper understanding of how to hold a meditation session
  • Aerial hammock positions

The Benefits of Hammock Meditations

  • An introduction to guided meditations & aerial hammocks
  • Stimulates creativity and playfulness​
  • Powerful supportive and nurturing environment
  • Invites full body lengthening and relaxation naturally​
  • The hammocks support the body whichever way it moves
  • Great for creating safe spaces for you and your clients
  • Provides a safe space to move freely and feel supported
  • Liberating, freeing and relaxing
  • Natural adult playground 
  • Be in the moment!   

I’ve never meditated before,  can I do hammock meditations?

You’ll be in a safe and supported environment, there is no ‘wrong way’ to practise meditation.  Any practise and experience is good for your well-being and often leads to personal growth.  

Hammock Meditation 

A unique, beautiful new way to meditate!  

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Course Units

There are 10 units for the Air Control Pilates®  Hammock Meditation Course covering;

Units covering;

Unit 1:  Rigging Awareness (for safe use of the aerial hammock)

Unit 2:  Physical Body

Unit 3:  Origins of meditation

Unit 4:  Principles of meditation 

Unit 5:  Guided Meditations - Including worksheets

Unit 6:  Planning to guide a session

Unit 7:  Practising to guide a session

Unit 8:  Managing and marketing your meditation and relaxation sessions

Unit 9:  Optional assessment

Unit 10:  What's next?    

* Please note: You need to successfully pass the assessment process to become a qualified Air Control Pilates®   Aerial Hammock Meditation Guide

Course Format

  • Self-directed study and practice in your own time and space
  • Individual video submission and feedback
  • Each student will receive access to our online teaching platform 
  • Once you've qualified to become an Air guide -  You can meet international students from around the world!

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