Circus History and its intertwining with Pilates   

Written & spoken by Julianna Hane 

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Written and spoken by Julianna Hane  

Who is this course for?

This course is fascinating for Aerialists, Pilates teachers, enthusiasts or anyone intrigued about Circus and/or Pilates History!!  

This course is included in our Aerial Pilates Teacher Training

This course outline is divided into 7 lessons

  • Lesson 1:  What is Circus?

  • Lesson 2:  Physical Culture

  • Lesson 3:  The Ethos of Circus

  • Lesson 4:  Traditional Circus

  • Lesson 5:  Cirque Nouveau

  • Lesson 6:  Contemporary Circus

  • Lesson 7:  Joseph Pilates and Circus


What do I need to attend?

  • Access to a good internet connection
  • An intrigued mind! 
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