A Beginners Guide to Aerial Pilates

Top Tips for a Beginners

1) Find a good teacher who also uses a studio with appropriate safety standards for rigging. Feel free to ask questions about safety and the equipment being used.
2) Wear clothes with no zippers or buttons to protect yourself and the fabric from catching
3) No jewellery or watches
4) Take the class at your own pace, on that day/evening, aerial work can be alot harder than it looks sometimes!
5) Be good to yourself! Give yourself time and space to progress naturally
6) Keep up your Pilates matwork and/or apparatus
7) Relax and have fun!
8) Take proud photos to remember your experience and see your efforts!

Aerial Pilates combines the fundamentals of the Pilates Method with aerial arts.


 What is Aerial Pilates?

Aerial Pilates involves practicing Pilates exercises in the air by suspending the body, or parts of the body in a fabric hammock. The fabric hammock is suspended close to the ground over Pilates mats. Beginners practicing aerial Pilates start by practicing exercises on the floor with the assistance of the Pilates hammock, then gradually advance to exercises that require full body suspension a few inches off the floor.


Benefits of Aerial Pilates

Decompression of tight joints
Increases flexibility and muscular strength
Core stretching and strengthening
Increased physical awareness
Relieving pressure in vertebral alignment
Releases muscular tension
Highlights weaknesses in body alignment
Increases overall bodily liveliness
Spatial awareness and orientation
Offers the opportunity of mindfulness
Facing and overcoming fears can be liberating and fun!

How We Started

Debbie Robbins started teaching classes in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2013. Teacher training was launched for Pilates teachers in 2016. Introducing the world of aerial arts to Pilates teachers. Pilates teachers learn how to creatively use the hammock as a prop, utilising their finely tuned eyes and skills to teach these classes for the benefit of both aerialists and to introduce their Pilates clients into the aerial arts. It’s middle ground for people to come together.


About the Hammock

The Aerial Hammock is made of aerial fabric and load tested for safety. The hammock can be thought of as a prop, much like a fitness circle, foam roller or resistance bands and can benefit and inspire a student’s Pilates practice.   Creating both additional challenge of strength, awareness and proprioception and it can also provide a place of supported relaxation.

Providing a support system which can help to Increase both flexibility and strength
Decompress tight joints
Relieve pressure in other areas of the body
Reduce strain on the back and neck
Practice inversions without strain
Encourage creativity
Provide a comfortable place to relax
Aids in rest and relaxation natural, restorative place
Allow the participant to face their fears in a supportive environment