Performing Arts Studio Scotland, Edinburgh College

Curriculum Manager - Ethelinda Lashley

At PASS we are fully aware of the changing state of the arts pertaining to performance skills, and we are very pleased to be able to offer our students and the wider Edinburgh Community an opportunity in gaining these skills. We are also very interested in developing an accredited qualification in Aerial.

PASS is very happy to welcome a relationship with Debbie Robbins as we feel that this will be responding to the changing climate of training in the performance arena. Aerial Arts is becoming a recognised pathway of performance, and we hope to promote, encourage and support this type of training at PASS, in order to align ourselves with a current performance trend.

Studio owner - Suzy Cheong

This has been the best most fun course I have been on ever!  Loved it!  Loved the teachers, can't wait for level 2! Suzy Cheong new Air Control Pilates Instructor :)

Studio Owner - Kelly McMahon

We are very excited to be one of the first studios in Scotland to be offering Air Control Pilates. We have had an amazing response to aerial Pilates being added to our time-table, so much so, that 4 of our brand new classes sold out within 48 hours!!

2nd Generation Pilates teacher, Sabrina Simpson

Looking forward to teaching clients aerial Pilates.  A new and exciting add on for the Pilates industry, Thank You!

Olympic Athlete - Yvette Kong

Professional Swimmer,
Representing Hong Kong at the 2016 Olympic games

"I personally think that Aerial pilates is more experimental than mat pilates. It requires a much more present, intuitive, sensitive, subconscious and complex approach, which is what I need when I'm thrown in the pool.

Aerial Pilates simulates movements in the pool, it even exaggerates it as we experience less gravity in the pool. Simulating stroke movements on the hammock requires a lot of strength and body awareness that are very relevant to actual swimming! It is also very fun just to play around with the hammock.

Debbie is very positive and cheerful and articulates movement well. She also has an acute sense of body awareness as she has a background of aerial performances. She makes pilates personal and a very productive tool for my swim performances as she tries to creatively link the two realms together. "

Debbie is Outstanding

Lee Lappin

Artistic Director, Scottish School of Contemporary Dance