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Aerial Pilates adds a new dimension to building up core strength

Once we’re actually in the hammocks, things get a bit more exciting.  I am tempted to swing, but I don’t think that’s allowed.  We lie sideways, with the fabric holding us up from shoulder to shin, and lift one leg up, not flailing like a beached fish, but slowly and with control, as is the Pilates way.  Both our legs are brought forward so we’re in a folded V-shape, then swung back, using our core and glutes.

Still, we don’t do too many repetitions, so each routine isn’t too taxing.   Also in the sling, I really notice all the imbalances in my body – one legs seems longer, and the whole contraption seems to corkscrew when I’m lying in it.  Debbie says that this effect can be useful, as you discover more about your body and can adapt the exercises accordingly.  The hour speeds by, and ends with a few minutes of relaxation, when you get to lie, almost totally enclosed in the sling, like a sweaty caterpillar in it’s cocoon.  While fantasising about getting one of these for my house, I almost nod off.

The results – the perfect introduction to an anti-gravity take on Pilates.

The Scotsman, Spa Spy - In the swing

Getting into inversions with butterfly legs…is the best fun I’ve had in living memory…..This is aerial Pilates, a thrilling combination of strength and flexibility exercises performed on a circus trapeze.  A very low trapeze, to my relief.

At the end of an exhilarating class, the sling transforms into a hammock for relaxation.  Floating in a cocoon of fabric is the most delicious way to recover from aerial exertions.  The whole experience is a complete blast.

Anna Burnside, Daily Record
Kate Ball , The Skinny