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Introduction to Anatomy

This is a great guide and starting place to get a good basic understanding of the body's anatomy.

You do not need prior knowledge before starting this course!

What this course covers:

  • The Skeletal system
  • The muscular system
  • including BONUS 3D interactive models!   

Includes worksheets which cover the different parts of the body showing movement and joint action, allowing you to build the bigger picture of the body in action.  Includes a full origin and insertion guideline to keep for future reference too.

Please Note:  this course is included in all of the teacher training courses

What People Are Saying:

Debbie's teaching method is so welcoming and her knowledge of Pilates and the human body is incredible.

Kat Gollock

I started Pilates with Debbie a few years ago & have to say it’s been trans-formative. She is a great teacher with oodles of knowledge about the body & how it works.

Mairi Brown

Learning to engage the right muscles, and how to relax them has made such a difference and I feel lighter in my mood to match the balance I am finding within myself. It's a journey and a process but feels incredible learning from a tutor who is so enthusiastic, knowledgeable and lovely.

Amy Wise, Aerialist

I feel like pilates is a must, not only for aerialists, but anyone who wants to understand their bodies and movement more. Debbie's energy is infectious and she is so open and adaptable in what she offers, I would highly recommend classes or workshops with her, a fountain of pilates knowledge!

Ashley Smith ~ Aerialist