FREE 15 day Behind the Scenes Matwork Pass

Free 15 day Matwork Pass

Join Debbie for an amazing 15 days online! 

You can tour around and get familiar with the different online Pilates matwork classes in this FREE Behind-the-scenes access pass! 

What you'll get:

  • Meet Debbie online and see her teaching style and feel her infectious energy
  • Get some top tips and have fun whilst learning and moving! 
  • Here you have the opportunity to explore a library of classes with different categories

Please note:  These classes are not suitable for specific injuries, please consult your doctor, physio or physician before taking these classes

What People Are Saying:

Debbie is all of the best things you want in a teacher: knowledgeable but patient, encouraging but always respectful of particulars, and attentive as to what's going on for each student. She's also kind, funny, creative and knows A LOT about muscles, bones, aches, strength building and all things related to Pilates. Can't recommend her enough!


I started Pilates with Debbie a few years ago & have to say it’s been trans-formative. She is a great teacher with oodles of knowledge about the body & how it works. Explaining very clearly how to do each exercise & giving us different levels to work with according your abilities. Always reminding us to listen to our own bodies first. The online classes are good as I can fit it in when I have the time, though I do still love the live classes. She’s the voice in my head encouraging me to keep at it & I recommend her to anyone looking to try Pilates or expand their practice.

Mairi B