Teacher Training

The course was very balanced, very clear and rich.  The instructor was very supportive, very flexible and knowledgable....was extremely happy to attend!

Christine, Course Participant from Lebannon

Enjoyed the course so much, Thank you Debbie.  Just wish all courses did them as well as you, great fun!

Morag, Course participant



Are you a Pilates teacher looking for CPD?

 Would you like to learn new skills to add to your repertoire this year?

Intrigue and invite new clients to your classes & studio this year and onwards!


Looking forward to teaching clients aerial Pilates.  A new and exciting add on for the Pilates industry, Thank You!

Sabrina Simpson

2nd Generation Master Teacher Trainer, Lolita Legacy

Roots and Wings:  Where mat Pilates meets aerial Pilates

Purpose and Aim of this course


This Air Control Pilates course was created with the purpose of delivering teacher training with the aerial hammock to qualified Pilates teachers.  Incorporating the principles and fundamentals of Pilates to use this new prop as an additional teaching tool.  An action packed course, balanced with time and space for self reflective study.

The aim of this course is to provide you with the knowledge, understanding and physical skills of working with an aerial hammock and combining that with the skills and expertise of Pilates. Learners will understand; The risks and benefits of working with an aerial hammock and be able to demonstrate exercises and body positions clearly and have the tools to plan and teach a class or 1:1 session confidently

The founder, Debbie is a Scottish aerial artist, who toured ‘In Her Shadows’ an aerial dance show with projections across Scotland in October 2015 as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival and funded by Creative Scotland.  Debbie has taught Pilates since 2003, training in aerial since 2008.  Combining these two passions to slowly create the syllabus.   Now proud to be running Air Control Pilates teacher training courses. We'd love you to join us!

We are proud to be setting high standards for aerial Pilates, by working with a team of experts to ensure the highest levels are achieved. Including professional riggers, this is to ensure that students are aware of and are complying with legal and insurance-related requirements for working at height.  Keeping everyone safe.

This is a 4 day or 32 hour Teacher Training Professionally endorsed by Active IQ: -

Consists of:
  •  80 page + manual, including a library of 35 different exercises for; Air Control Pilates, Stage 1 (including preparatory, main & closing phases)
  • Safety considerations of teaching Aerial Pilates. Understand your responsibilities and limitations with regard to duty of care for participants and yourself
  • Setting up your own studio safely - We will provide you with a full technical specification of health and safety requirements written by professional riggers. Including relevant professionals to contact & equipment you will need.
  • Learn how to plan a well balanced, safe class using the course teaching criteria, including creating lesson plans, cueing, modifications, alternative options & progressions
  • Concluding with a written multiple choice assessment, physical assessment and feedback

An action packed course balanced with time and space for self reflective study.

Includes self practise time for your self development and growth, exploring your knowledge from a different perspective!